Winter Sports Museum Davos

The winter sports museum contains a very extensive collection of valuable winter sports equipment and documents from the Jürg Kaufmann family foundation in Davos. The collection includes magnificent exhibits (toboggans, bob sleds, skis, ice skates, curling material, etc.) from the early days of winter sports all the way to the present.

Kirchner Museum Davos

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880 to 1938) lived in Davos from 1917 until his death. His extensive oeuvre assumes a pioneering role in German expressionism. The Kirchner Museum opened in September 1992 and houses the world's largest collection of his art work.

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Theater, concerts, movies, literary reading sessions, activities for children: The Kulturschuppen Klosters has a very multifaceted and diverse entertainment program. Just take a look at its website to find out what’s on the agenda! You won’t be disappointed.

The Nutli Hüschi Museum of Local History

“Hüschi” means little house in the local Prättigau dialect. The Nutli Hüschi was built by Christian Nutli in 1565. It was used as a private residence until the 19th century. Today, it offers the unique opportunity of experiencing the traditional lifestyle and building design of the Valais. The wooden house displays valuable furniture, tools, and toys from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

The Old Flour Mill in Rohr

A small, water powered grain mill is located just above the Nutli Hüschi on the Mülliweg road in Rohr. Well into the 19th century, it was a vital component of the Prättigau cultural landscape. The Rohr mill was saved and has been an official historic landmark since 1960.

Guided tours are available upon request.