Sports winter

Ski equipment rental

If you whish to rent skiing equipment, we recommend the sports outfitter Albeina Sport, situated next to our hotel. Rent your equipment online before your stay . Once you are here you can pick up and bring back your equipment next door. It doesn‘t get more comfortable than that.

Ice Skating & Ice Hockey

A small, friendly, and elegant ice skating rink awaits ice skating aficionados in Klosters-Platz. Ice skating, ice hockey, and curling – all at one location and in the sunshine as well.

It’s a bit more cosmopolitan in Davos. The record-breaking Swiss hockey champion, HC Davos, has its home games in the ice skating arena. Whenever there are no training sessions, games, or other events, anyone can go ice skating in the arena.

Directly in front of the ice skating arena are the ice skating tracks. And right next to them are large fields for playing ice hockey and ice skating outdoors.

Cross-Country Skiing

Klosters has more than 35 kilometres (21 miles) and Davos more than 85 kilometres (52 miles) of prepared trails for skating and classic cross-country skiing. Beginners and advanced skiers won’t be disappointed.

The cross-country route between Klosters-Platz and the Garfuin alpine hut are among the most beautiful trails in all of Switzerland. Enjoy the serenity of a murmuring mountain brook or just be enchanted by the snow-covered forests and wildly romantic mountain scenery.

You can even go cross-country skiing at night in Klosters. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, a three-kilometre (almost 2 miles)-long trail lights up between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The basics of cross-country skiing are relatively easy to learn. The Swiss Ski + Snowboard School in Klosters offers individual and group instruction and helps you get started.